Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Lobster Tail Braid Tutorial You’ve All Been Waiting For

Hello! This is Melissa from MissySue.com and I am excited to share this gorgeous lobster tail braid tutorial with you. As crazy as it sounds, this hairstyle really does resemble an intricate lobster tail, but you will be amazed at how easy it is to create! The lobster tail braid is the perfect way to change up your everyday side braid or side pony. It can be worn nearly anywhere and is the perfect everyday hairstyle!

The best part about this braid? It’s not even really a braid! It actually incorporates the technique behind a rope braid, but is then pulled loose to look more complex than it actually is. This way of styling creates a look that so unique, but so easy to recreate once you know the secret behind it.

So go ahead and give this lobster tail braid tutorial a try and share it with your friends who you know will love it too!


The Lobster Tail Braid Tutorial:

1. Start with a deep side part, then take a section of hair near the forehead on the heavy side of the part.

2. Divide this piece into two sections and twist them around each other to form one twist.

*Tip* Bring in sections of hair as you twist to create a French braided effect.

3. Grab a hair pin and secure the twist against the back of the head so it stays in place.

4. Next, bring the rest of the hair over one shoulder, dividing it into three sections. Take the farthest right two sections and twist them upwards.

5. Now twist the two sections together to create one twist.

6. Next, take the third section of hair and wrap it with the twist created in the previous step so that all the hair is now wrapped together.

7. Tie off the end with a clear elastic band.

8. Gently loosen the twist by pulling on the edges to create a thicker twist. The thicker the better!

9. Complete the look by pulling the sides of the front twist to create a fuller look and finish with a few spritzes of hairspray.

Watch The Video:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! For more hair, beauty and DIY fun, visit me over at MissySue.com.

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