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Safety Tips For Women Living Alone

As a person who lives away from parents and relatives it becomes very tough to live your life. You get lonely and start feeling insecure as you already know that the crime rate against women is increasing rapidly.

So to avoid insecurity and sadness from life it is better to follow some very effective tips which can change your life.

First thing to remember is that you should be aware of the situations. I totally believe that of the dangerous situations can be avoided if you are already alert about your surroundings.  There is no need to in an emergency state all the time. You should enjoy your time but you should also be aware what is going around you. Like when you are going for an evening walk you should be aware whose walking along with you or who is walking behind you etc. These are some measures that you can remember.

Mostly as noticed many times the attackers will always play a surprise card on you when you are not expecting it so being alert will help you remain prepared for these kind of dangerous situations. A single women should also keep gun in their car.

While doing your morning or evening jogging I would strongly recommend you to not wear headsets as it will completely make you unaware of the situation. If you still feel like listening songs while walking or jogging listen to the music at a low or medium level of sound.



You need to start trusting your instincts. If you think that some situation is not right and you can avoid it then you must avoid it. It is better to avoid a situation than taking a chance with it. Trust your instincts as they are usually right.


Try to increase your strength so that in one on one situation you don’t become powerless. This thing increases the chances of scaring the attackers as they are not prepared for these situations. Workout also helps you to remain busy and helps you get rid of unnecessary tension. So do it for fun and while enjoying it you will get strong.

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Open the Door

It is a very basic thing that must have been taught to you in school, don’t open door to strangers. Open the door only once you are convinced that somebody is there for a valid reason. Whenever a plumber or handymen is working in your home try to stand near them. Don’t leave them alone stand or sit near them. Always keep your mobile phone with you and the money you have to give them.


Whenever you are going to an unfamiliar place try not go alone. Go with a friend or in a group. Going to an unfamiliar place alone is always risky as you are not aware of the surroundings. This can be very risky. If you are going by car and you own a gun then always keep a car or vehicle gun safe in your car. This can be helpful.

Safety items

Always keep some safety items like hockey stick or a baseball bat at your home. If you have a gun, purchase best Biometric gun safe for easy access.  They can be very handy in dangerous situations but don’t keep them where everyone can see it. They should be concealed and only you should know where they are kept.  If you have a gun license then always keep the gun concealed in a gun safe. Gun safe is very important if you own a gun. It keeps the gun secure and only you will be able to use it.

So these were some very important tips that you can follow to remain secure all the time. I hope that you try to use them and let me know if they make a difference in your life. You can leave your comments in the comments section. I will reply to every single comment. Be Safe!

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