Saturday, June 30, 2018

Lavender by the Bay with Miku

Outfit Details:

flea market hat (this is similar and only $16)

Love Of My Life midi dress (I’m wearing a small and I’m normally a medium)

Sarah Flint Grear sandals

Karen Walker Starburst sunglasses

vintage bag

My absence from the blog was due to an unexpected surgery for Miku. I explained it more here, but basically the day before we left for Miku’s vacation, I noticed two small, soft lumps on Miku’s back leg. We took her to our vet that same day, and he was pretty sure it was just inflammation but aspirated and sent off for analysis, to be on the safe side. After having an amazing week in Maine, we came back to horrible news: the results were consistent with soft tissue sarcoma. A biopsy would be needed for more info, but my vet wanted to get it all out right away because it was already growing. I was — unsurprisingly — a total mess. It was like getting to wind knocked out of me. I gave myself one day to quietly fall apart and give Miku all the snuggles she could stand, and then spent the next couple of days making sure Miku had the best couple of days. I was really scared about the surgery, since she’s 14 and has a heart condition, but I was trying to stay as optimistic as possible. Miku takes on my energy and I wanted her to be in the best spirits. I also wanted to give her a couple of days of fun before she had to rest at home with a leg full of stitches. We took her to Lavender by the Bay and then sat outside in the beautiful weather, watching the boats while Miku rolled around in the grass. Then we took her to a very dog friendly restaurant and gave her some Miku-friendly treats. She loves adventures, and though her fluffy princess looks lead people to believe she’s prissy, she’s such an outdoorsy pup. We keep a pop up bowl and a bottled water with us at all times for moments like these when we can let her run around and enjoy nature. She’s a Winter lover above all, but give her some grass and a cool breeze and she’ll blissfully sniff the air while the wind blows through her fur. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Miku’s surgery went well, so now we just have to wait for the biopsy results so we have more info when we meet with an oncologist. I’m still scared, but I’m also trying to be as optimistic as possible. For one, I want her to be happy and if I’m crying and stressed, she’s depressed. And I cannot fall behind in work (I’m very lucky to be able to work from home for the most part), because whatever treatments may come will be very expensive and I will spend every last dime to do right by her, if that’s what it comes to.

I swear, this pup is the most resilient little gal I’ve ever known. After one day of groggy post-surgery recovery, she’s already bounced back. She’s back to her goofy little self, and such a good girl about her little neck pillow (instead of a cone, we got the comfurt collar — SO much better!). I can’t thank you all enough for the outpouring of support, messages of comfort and share experience. Knowing so many of you have been down this road and have healthy, happy pups makes me so hopeful we will have the same luck. I’ll keep you updated on her progress, but for now I just wanted to loop you all in and let you know that Miku is being her silly little self and is healing beautifully!

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